Sunday, January 29, 2012

Summary of the Last 3 Days

Friday was an emotionally draining day. I had to take my dog to the vet in the afternoon and the vet said he doesn't have much longer before he passses.Overall my intake was good though. I maintained my protion control eventhough I was stressed and upset.

Saturday was a busy and yet productive. Had a breakfast/lunch that was some cereal and then dinner was waffles, eggs and homemade chicken strips. I did not get to work out Saturday or Friday, but portion control helps counter that.

Today I got to sleep in until noon and Nate made me breakfast/lunch. He cooked me 2 eggs and a piece of peanut butter toast before heading to the Y and got in a hard 30 minute workout on the Precor (burned 300 calories baby!). We went to my work in the afternoon and I got some stuff done there while Nate did homework. We shared a bagel from Panera bread while getting work done. After that we sold our old car to a friend. We are down to one car again! Dinner was a chicken breast dish with fennel, onions and mustard/red wine marinade with a side salad and glass of red wine. Now we are watching Music & Lyrics and enjoying some ice cream for a splurge! I have to admit that Blue Bell ice cream is amazing!

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  1. I am impressed with your focus, especially with all the ups and downs.