Saturday, January 7, 2012

The 7th Day

Day 7 was a great day! I woke up and had some yogurt with granola--we were out of milk to make shakes and yogurt was my compromise. Then a good friend came over and we went on a brisk 30 minute walk together. I love getting to re-connect with friends! After she left, I had a protein shake with some cheese its for a snack.

I then left Nate at home for a few hours as I ran errands and went furniture shopping and Goodwill. :) Oh how I love a good bargain! We spent the evening with my family. Had chicken, steak and sweet potato fries for dinner, which I did pretty well controlling portion sizes. I was proud of myself! Then we all played Quelf and enjoyed many laughs while we played and watched the Lions vs. Saints football game. We are all football lovers in my family.

What a fun day. I got to relax, reconnect and recharge. Here's to an equally as relaxing Sunday.


  1. Sounds and looks delicious. Find anything fabulous at Goodwill? :)

  2. Jen--Found a cedar chest/bench thing. Thinking I need to take Nate by today and see if they still have it...I loved it, but didn't get it yet. We are moving to a 2 bedroom apt in the same bldg we are in so we need to see how much space we will have first :)