Friday, January 20, 2012

Finish Well

You know how folks always tell others that "It doesn't matter how the race is as long as you finish well"? (Or something to that effect) I felt like today was my opportunity to end the week well. I had a great day!

Work was not too crazy, plus I got to have a change of pace and do front office stuff for part of the afternoon. It always helps to break up the monotony of the routine when I get to do that. I got to enjoy a busy, yet not insane, Friday at work!

For breakfast I had an Herbalife shake, Dutch Chocolate, and it lasted me until about 10:30am. I had a morning break at 11am and some pretzels. My amazing husband, Nate, brought me a ham and turkey sandwich for lunch and I had some peanut M&Ms on my afternoon break as a snack. After work, Nate and I went to the Y and worked out! I was on the Precor for 35 minutes and burned over 400 calories, it felt so good to be back in the groove. When we got home, we made a pear and Dubliner cheese salad with homemade basalmic vinaigrette and salmon. It was perfect! Now we are relaxing before we start our weekend with an insanely busy Saturday.

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