Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the blur

Today...hmmm, quite honestly I don't remember much of the day. Work was exhausting and long. I did OK with my eating though. I had a Herbalife shake (chocolate peanut butter!) for breakfast while my morning snack was a hard boiled egg and whole wheat english muffin. Lunch was 2 tacos fresca and a side of nachos from Taco Bell (could have done better than "Toxic Hell", but at least I did the "fresca" ones this time). No snack this afternoon and then went grocery shopping to build up an appetite for dinner. Dinner was a small salad and we had some chips and salsa for a snack after.

Other than what I ate...I don't remember very much really. I have to say the highlight of my day was getting to run to Sams club over lunch with Amy and running into Nate and David--my sister, Amy's, boyfriend. Talk about coincidences! It definitely put a smile on my face for the afternoon though.

Now Nate and I are hanging out, watching Friends, and enjoying each other's company! I love ending my day this way.


  1. And that's why they call it Hump Day.

  2. I love a peanut butter chocolate shake I make with USANA Nutrimeal. Add 2 T of melted dark choc & 2 t of peanut butter to reg choc shake mix, water & ice. Yummy. I just think I might have that this morning, now that you mention peanut butter & chocolate!