Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Rollercoaster

Wow! It's hard to believe it has only been 48 hours since my most recent post! The last 48 hours certainly have owned the title of a rollercoaster. Yesterday was a busy day at work, I did a Herbalife shake for lunch, but toast for breakfast and Garbanzo's for dinner. If you have not yet eaten at Garbanzo's Mediterranean Grill, you need to go...SOON! Their food is so fresh and delicious! Last night we did not get home until 11:45pm and I was so dog-tired that all I could do was brush my teeth and roll into bed.

Today has been quite interesting. We got news this morning that the place we are looking to move into (a slightly bigger apt) is not going to work out. That was disappointing and frustrating. Then we found out that the used Subaru Forester we have been saving up for is available and we can buy it as early as in 2 weeks! As far as work today, well, I'm still here and probably will be until after 8pm. I am the assistant in our Wellness Program/Weight Loss Class that we offer through the office I work at and tonight is the first meeting for a new group of people. So it's not ALL bad that I'm here so late, but still, I'm tired. We also have been interviewing Medical Assistants at work to replace the one that quit last week, so it there has been some extra work this week with all of that.

 As far as my eating today, I did...OK. I have had a Herbalife shake for breakfast with a bagel for a morning snack. Lunch was catered from Marigold's Cafe and it was salad and some pizza. I got a bit snacky this afternoon, but held it off until my wonderfu husband brought me the Chick-fil-a ice cream I have been craving. Then tonight I enjoyed some pretzels at the start of class. When I get home, Nate will have dinner for me. He is making us salmon and salad. Oh yeah! He is also winning "Husband of the Day" award and has been cleaning all afternoon. Have I mentioned how wonderful he is to me?

You may wonder how the working out is going. I had a day off yesterday. Today I worked out over my morning break on the elliptical for 12 minutes and tonight during the second hour of class I plan to hop on the elliptical for another 30 minutes or so. Well, I'm off to get more stuff ready for class!

Here's a glimpse of our soon-to-be car!

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