Friday, January 13, 2012

Looking for the Good

Today was pretty rough. I found out this morning that my dog, Midas, has a tumor in his upper jaw. I suddenly realized how attached I get to my pets. When I got a call from my dad informing me that the vet is "guardedly optimistic" that they got it all and that it is did not look malignant, I was semi-relived, but am still anxious to hear the final results.

When I look back over today, I am emotionally exhausted, but I realize I did not try to "eat away" my stress as I have in the past. I had frosted mini wheats for breakfast, a Herbalife protein bar for snack and 2 taco bell fresca tacos with a side of nachos for lunch. I had a bagel for a mid-afternoon snack, which I probably cold have gone without. My husband and I went to 3 Margaritas for dinner where we enjoyed fajitas, a margarita and sopapillas. We worked out at the Y before dinner and I got in a good workout so I feel like overall, today was a success. I changed some habits when it comes to how I handle my stress.

Here is a picture of my puppy, Midas!

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