Monday, January 9, 2012

Seeing the Progress

Today was another wonderful day. Granted it was a Monday, which means work is always crazy, but I got a great start to the day. I got on the scale this morning and have lost almost 2lbs already! (Not bad for the first week, eh?) Seeing that progress helped me to keep my focus on my eating today. I had a Herbalife shake for breakfast and one for lunch as well. Dinner was chicken enchiladas and I made them! Nate does most of the cooking--he tells me he enjoys it--and I was glad to get to cook a meal for him tonight.

We were going to work out tonight, but that didn't happen. We did go to the gym yesterday and tomorrow we will go also, plus I'm planning on working out on the elliptical at work on my breaks tomorrow. Here's to the visible progress that always helps me stay motivated as I begin to make changes. I know I will not always lose at this rate, or feel this good, but I'm for sure going to enjoy the high of the first baby steps!


  1. Thanks Mom! :D I'm stoked! It actually motivated me to do yoga last night so I was still active too