Friday, January 6, 2012

Game Night!

Have you heard of Quelf? It is the most amazing board game I have ever played!
One thing you need to understand, I come from a family of very comptetitive people...we have long, dragged-out games that can last several hours because we take them to such extremes. In past years there have been many tears, laughter, arguments and victory dances in our family over simple board and card games.

Tonight was the perfect end to a hectic Friday. I only had one Herbalife shake today for a meal (breakfast), but lunch was Noodles and Company and dinner was a sensible bowl of home made turkey chili. After Nate picked me up from work, we picked up my baby sister (Christa, who is 11 years old) and took her to the Y with us. We did a 30 minute workout (intense but short) and then came home to dinner and games. My other sister, Amy, and her boyfriend, David, came over to enjoy games and dessert. That is when the adventures and fun began.

Quelf is an ever-changing board game that has 5 piles of caards you draw from and then that player has to do whatever is on that card. Some of the ridiculous things done tonight include: David acting as a Broadway chorous girl, Nate dancing like a ballerina, Amy wrote--and sang--a song for us, Christa having to wear a neck tie for half the game and myself having to snort like a pig every time I laughed. It was a blast! I highly recommend the game for a night of fun with friends and family.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so getting this game! (This is Danielle btw)

  2. I am sorry I missed all the fun!
    And laughter-- even with snorting -- is good medicine.

  3. Hi Danielle! I HIGHLY recommend it...obviously. lol
    Mom-we were thinking we should play it tonight when Nate and I come over :)