Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Favorite Holiday

Today is one of my favorite holidays that we celebrate in the year. I love getting to show people how much I love them AND I love the fact that there is a whole day dedicated to showing people just that. I have never seen Valentine's Day as a day to mourn that I was single or rub the fact that I'm in a relationship in other's faces. I simply love getting to love on others! For three years in a row, I had three valentines. They were under 10 years old and the most amazing kiddos!

Tonight my husband and get to celebrate our first Valentine's Day as a married couple! We are headed out to The Melting Pot for a nice dinner. Today, in preparation, I had an Herbalife shake for breakfast and a light lunch. I did enjoy some Valentine's Day candy, but I attempted to hold off so that I can enjoy dessert tonight! I hope all of you are enjoying today and your week is going well.

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  1. Love your attitude toward Valentine's Day -- and toward life in general!