Monday, April 2, 2012

Couponing High

I don't know if you know about couponing, but I was taught how to coupon to save money while grocery shopping and it has saved us hundreds of dollars in the last few months. When I walk out of a store with 5 bags and having saved $13 (18% of our whole bill) I get, what I call, a "couponing high." I'm elated that a few minutes of clipping coupons and organizing them, on the weekends, can save us money. (To be fair, I need to shout out to Shari Hamlin for teaching me these skills. She taught  me how to coupon as a wedding gift last year and now, my husband and I LOVE to go grocery shopping and find out how much we can save.) I get a kick out of saving us money that we can put towards other areas of our budget.

On another note, my sister--Amy--got engaged this weekend!!! I am so excited for her and David as they move to this next chapter in life. I'm enjoying getting to help with wedding ideas and be on the other side of things only 8 months after my own wedding. Also, the wedding has provided another goal point for my weight loss goals. I have been relatively faithful (with the absence of Spring Break) in my endeavour to drink two Herbalife shakes a day. Over the last 3 weeks, I've done decently well. However, my new goal is to keep that up to lose 20lbs by the beginning of August! I appreciate all accountability and encouragement from y'all in my progress!

Well, I'm off to wrap up the evening with a couple episodes of M*A*S*H with my husband and head off to sleep.


  1. You're doing great and more importantly, you're walking in God's Will. Thanks for listening to His still small voice ... and listening when He needs to yell! I have a feeling, at the end of my life, you're going to turn out to be one of those persons that I was most grateful for! Somewhere close behind your mom, of course!