Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weight Loss and Craftiness

So Nate and I had a great week this last week with consistently having two Herbalife shakes a day and 3 workouts! We are both starting to see some changes too! I lost 2lbs in a week and Nate's six-pack is already back (he is HARDCORE). I also am joining a Weight Loss Challenge at work that starts next week. My goals are to lose 15lbs in 12 weeks and to work out at least 4 times/week for 30 minutes or more each workout.

In the last week I also finished knitting my first baby blanket ever! It's so cute! Today I ordered some supplies to make cute burp cloths from Amazon (thanks to gift cards I got for Christmas, I only spent $5). I'm trying to find ways to be productive and creative and let my friends benefit from it! I have some more yarn to start on my next baby blanket and I'm looking forward to making a baby hat too.

The other thing on the agenda, we are continuing to pay off our debt very intensely. We are down to a medical bill, my student loans and Nate's student loans. We will be paying for his schooling with cash from here on out and are excited to be debt free in the next 18 months (or less!). Nate and I are very excited as we continue life together and make progress in our goals. Also, my sister got engaged! Nate and I are in the wedding party and are really enjoying getting to help plan a wedding just 9 months since our own wedding!


  1. You're doing great! I started the "Total Money Makeover" last year and was really glad I did when Kevin was layed off. It was nice to have a cash reserves so that we have financial reserves to help us until he finds a job.

  2. Can't tell yo how exciting it is to see you and Nate pursue your goals! :O)