Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hump Day!

Today was a half day for work, drop off an application for another part-time job (to hopefully help with our budget plans), take a nap, wake up to take my husband dinner and help him at work, kind of day. Eventful, productive, restful and overall just good. PLUS we get to leave for spring break in 2 days!!!

We are going over the mountains to Montrose for 6 days for spring break and I can NOT wait! Nate will have a week free from homework, we will get to see all of his family and we both will get to enjoy a week off work. Praise God for breaks. We've been working our buns off the last couple months and both need to relax. Even better, most of my family will be coming with. So, just a warning, I'll not be blogging for a week, starting Saturday.

As far as working out/eating healthy. We have gotten back on track with our salad and fish/chicken/lean meat for dinner diet. I have been drinking two Herbalife shakes a day 5/7 days the last week or two which is helping. Working out has been going well, I've been taking walks on my breaks on the warmer days and we have worked out a few times at our new gym. I'm planning on three more workouts before leaving for vacation! I'm even waking up early--7am--(which for those of you who know me, is no small feat) and going to Zumba on Saturday morning before we leave town.

Well, I'll talk to y'all soon. Gonna go get some cleaning done.

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  1. Whoot! You are in the zone.
    Love the photo, by the way.