Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We have 'Net!!!!

Sorry I've been so absent from my blogging...it's been close to 2 weeks since my last entry. As my last entry stated, we moved! Our new place is wonderful!!! It is twice the size of our previous apartment, has an extra bedroom/study, washer dryer hookups, kitchen nook, and (drum roll please) a DISHWASHER!!!!

Anyways, the last couple weeks have been insane with getting stuff switched over, moved, cleaned and put together. We are finally feeling mostly settled. Only a few more pictures to hang and the spare bedroom to organize. However we have not worked out that much or been able to keep up our healthy eating leading up to and immediately after the move. The week before the move, we ate out much more than usual. We also have only gone to the gym about three times in the last two weeks. However we tried to make healthy choices when eating out and I tried to work out some at work to counteract the lack of gym visits. We are also excited because, yesterday, we joined a gym that is in the strip mall one block from our apartment! It's saving us about $10-12/month in membership fees, plus it's open 24/7. We went today and got in a good 40 minute workout. Now Nate is hanging curtains and I'm off to see what I can organize in the next bit before dinner.

Aside from the move, but somewhat associated with it, we have re-worked our budget and are working on paying off our debt ASAP and getting as financially stable as possible. Let me just say that listening to Dave Ramsey's radio podcast every day has been very motivating and we are excited to get rid of what debt we do have!

Hope y'all have had a good couple weeks! I've missed hearing from  y'all.


  1. Congratulations and Brava on all the positive life changes!!

  2. Hey KB! So, I've been checking out your blog now and again, and I've seen all your Money Makeover posts on FB too, and I've got to say, you are seriously an inspiration for me and Heath. I actually first heard about the book through you and Nate's posts about your awesome financial skills (WOOHOO!) on fb. Well, Heath and I went to the book store and picked it up. He breezed right through it and is very excited to start the program. I'm not quite as pumped as he is about it, but I am reading it, and we plan to start the total money makeover as soon as we get to Alaska. I figure, new place, new start, right? Anyway, that's my longwinded way of saying that you guys are an inspiration to me and Heath! You're doing amazingly well! Keep it up! And keep posting to keep me motivated too!
    <3 Danielle

  3. Danielle,
    I'm so glad to hear we've motivated you to pursue the Total Money Makeover! I HIGHLY recommend his podcasts too :) They are FREE on iTunes (Dave Ramsey Podcasts) and I listen to them almost every workday to keep me focused. I look forward to hearing how your TMM journey goes. love ya girlie!