Friday, August 31, 2012

Celebrating the small victories

I decided to step on the scale this morning at work to check my progress. My last weigh in was frustrating. I've been hovering between the same 2lbs for over a month now. I'm trying to be patient with my body, but at that time I decided to step it up by logging my food intake and exercising for at least 2 weeks. I decided that if I see progress, I'll obviously keep it up, but if I didn't see progress I would let myself stop logging. I also have been increasing my activity level over the last couple weeks. This week I got sick again, but still plan to go work out tonight eventhough I gave myself the last two days off.
This morning when I stepped on the scale I had dropped the 2lbs!
I'm elated! Needless to say, I'm going to continue to log AND keep my workout schedule of at least 4 workouts/week at 45 min or more.
Thanks for all your encouragement!

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