Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Be Still and Know...

This past weekend, Nate and I got to enjoy a solid 48 hours work-free! I commented at the end of it that it felt like a mini vacation. Friday we got to sleep in, hang out at home, make good food, work out and then went to small group and fellowshipped with good friends. Saturday we slept in, sold some stuff we had listed on Craigslist, drive up to Woodland Park and walk around, and then we headed home and had a great evening in.
I know it may not sound like much--or it may sound like more than some of y'all have had in a while--but we were truly blessed. I feel like we have been "going" all summer without much of a breather. Not everything that has happened this summer was bad, but it still has been busy. Nate and I got to sit with each other, take a deep breath and hit the "reset" button.
I have to admit, it was a little hard to truly let myself relax because I have been struggling with the fact that in less than a month, I'll be without a job. I know God will remain faithful. I have complete faith that this step I am taking is where God wants me, subsequently, I know it's time to trust God to provide whether I get another job right away or not. This weekend was exactly what I think my soul needed. I needed to just enjoy the simple parts of everyday life with my wonderful husband and not over-analyze "what I need to be doing to make more money so we will be OK."
As I write this, I ask y'all to join me in prayer for God to provide the right job in the right timing for me. More importantly, I'm asking for him to increase my ability to be patient and trust Him.
How has God been stretching your faith recently?


  1. I can join you in that prayer ... in trusting God for what is right and good for you.