Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm Growing a BABY!

As of today I am 12 weeks 5 days pregnant. Second trimester begins on Friday! Wow, we only have 6 months to prepare for having a little person to take care of for the next 18+ years. Here is a photo of Baby Huntley from this morning.

This morning we got our first trimester ultrasound and Baby Huntley was wriggling and squirming like crazy! We got some great "pictures" of the baby and he/she had a very strong heartbeat at 152 bpm (beats per minute). In 7 weeks or so, we go back for our second trimester/half-way mark, ultrasound. At that time, we can find out the gender of the baby. We are still undecided whether or not we will find out, but we are starting to lean more towards being told. Nate is dying to find out whether we will have a son or daughter and, quite honestly, I'm pretty curious too!

My morning sickness is completely gone and the fatigue is already easing up--thanks for all the prayers, although I plan on trying to nap semi-consistently through the pregnancy. I want to get sleep while I can! ;) We have begun some house-hunting as well. We hope to buy a house later this year and move in around when baby is born. It's been fun looking and dreaming of where we might live and what our home will look like.

Well, I'm gonna finish up work and try to get a nap! What's happening in YOUR life?


  1. congrats! isn't it so amazing? ours was doing the same thing at our 13 week ultrasound, wiggling and flipping like crazy! according to the old wives tale, a heartbeat of over 140 is girl, but who knows, right? haha ours was 164 so everyone thinks girl now. we've got our 20 week one in a few weeks, and i can't wait!
    so fun to read along with someone in the same boat! rest up and enjoy it!

  2. Chelsea,
    I checked out your blog yesterday. It's fun to read about your journey as you are a few weeks ahead of me. Everyone thinks we are having a girl too. We will find out March 15! :)